The Worst Phrases You Used in 2015

I am an avid word geek and admirer of the English language. The apt and appropriate usage of correct verb agreements is something I hold dear to my heart.

Frankly, it makes me feel like a grumpy old man when I dissent about the current state of our ubiquitous Germanic language usage. But damn it, that’s what I’m going to do. There are many unfortunate events taking place around the world. Our generation leaving behind this absolutely abominable iteration of the English language is one of them.

Here are the worst phrases or words that were used, or more likely misused in 2015.

10. “The Struggle Is Real” – A phrase most frequently used to describe things that are actually not very difficult to deal with. At least, by anyone who doesn’t have the intelligence of a worm.

9. “Said No One Ever” – A phrase that people use when they are afraid other people won’t pick up on their sarcasm.

8. “Hashtag” – There is so much wrong with saying this out loud that I’m just going to leave it alone.

7. “That…(insert anything)…though/doe!” – I’m not a linguistics expert, but I’m pretty sure “doe” is much less advanced than “though”. The regression of humanity into apes is no big deal, though.

6. “At the end of the day” – You know how clamato juice, vodka, pickles, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, olives, and caesar salt all taste awful on their own, but very good when combined together? That is the exactly opposite of what happens when you use these six words together. A phrase that means absolutely nothing.

5. “I’m dying” – This isn’t higher on the last because it is factually correct. That said, it isn’t happening any faster because the Starbucks lady misspelled your name, sweetheart.

4. “I can’t even” – Is this what happens when your brain overloads so hard that you can’t finish your sentence?

3. “YOLO” or “Sorry, not sorry” – The key to doing this properly: do something utterly unacceptable or moronic, and placate the masses by using these quirky phrases to soften the blow!

“Yeah, like, I just day drank and missed my finals, YOLO. Also, I peed my pants today, sorry not sorry.”

2. “Bae” – I just don’t understand what the little “b” did to deserve this.

1. “Literally” – “UGH LATERALLLLLLLLY SAMMMMMMMMME”. The very definition of “literally” is in a “strict sense“. As in, that’s exactly what it is. This word takes the No.1 spot because pretty much every phrase it is currently used in (ex: “literally my life”, “I’m literally dying”, “I literally can’t even”) is an already terrible phrase only made worse by this horrendously over abused adverb.


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