15 Excuses to Have a Drink

When I tell current undergraduates that “real life” sucks, what I really mean is that it’s a generally accepted practice to wait until Friday for cheap pitchers and the possible trip to the Roxy.

In college, those types of limitations aren’t a thing. Saying, “it’s Tuesday” isn’t really an acceptable cop-out to the peer pressures of the bottles and promises of good times you’ll forget. Here are 15 reasons why having you should have a drink, or fifteen, tonight!

  1. You’re single.
  2. You aren’t single. You have single friends who are on a dry spell and you’d be a bad friend if you didn’t help them fix that.
  3. Your first class tomorrow starts at 11 a.m. or later. Or, your 8 a.m. lecture doesn’t have iClicker or anything worth marks.
  4. Your visa isn’t in the red. Yet.
  5. You just got paid.
  6. You have FOMO, and, at least, two of your semi-close friends are doing something vaguely exciting tonight.
  7. You already had a casual glass or pint. Might as well keep the ball rolling.
  8. You just failed a midterm and need to forget about it.
  9. You just aced a midterm and you deserve it.
  10. It’s the premiere of your favorite show on Netflix and you aren’t getting through House of Cards without a little wine.
  11. It’s sunny outside and you’re near a patio.
  12. You’re at a networking-type of evening gala and want to be social with people who may or may not help connect you to future employment opportunities.
  13. You’re at a “networking” event. Also known as the after-party.
  14. Your friend is in from out-of-town and it would be very rude not to.
  15. You’re trying to find inspiration for your new blog.



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