5 Career Skills You Gain From Travelling Thailand

Travelling and career don’t seem like complementary concepts. However, what if I told you a month in Thailand makes you more employable and a better all-around professional? There are many lessons to be learned from travelling Thailand – here are five guaranteed to enhance your career skills.

1. Networking  
2016-07-07-08-25-25It’s never been more important to have a strong professional network. However, it’s intimidating to introduce yourself to others at awkward networking events. Travelling puts you in a situation where you’re constantly introducing yourself to new people. Thailand is notoriously popular and you’ll get good at making new friends immediately. You’re not the only nervous one and great connections (read: job offers) always begin with an introduction.

2. Negotiating

In Thailand, it’s commonplace to bargain on everything. You need to overcome the language barrier to close the deal on those fake Nikes. Whether you’re an acquisitions analyst or lawyer, you can learn something from bartering with a stubborn Thai market stall salesperson.

3. Punctuality

These longboats are the only transportation slower than the TTC!

Thai travel logistics are beyond unpredictable. The bus breaks down so you rush to water rafting by hiring a motorbike. You also need to figure out how to get back to the hostel because the sunrise trek leaves at midnight. Oh, don’t forget your flight from Phuket to Bangkok at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

Board meetings aren’t as exciting as Koh Tao longboats. But they’re both at 11 a.m. and you’d better be there meeting your deadlines. Being punctual despite the curve balls being thrown at you is valuable to any employer.

4. Adaptability

You’ve survived missed flights, losing your phone and much more. Now you have the wits to think quickly and fix troubled situations when something goes wrong at work.

5. Authenticity

Wherever you’re from, Thailand completely culture shocks you and forces you to get real with yourself quickly. You realize what you can live with and what activities you like. The enlightenment from your experiences makes you authentic and your best self. Most importantly, you’ll know what you want from your career. Being genuinely passionate about what you’re pursuing is half the battle.

What do you think? If you’ve found travelling Thailand made you a better professional, comment below what skill you learned and I’ll endorse you on LinkedIn!


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