The once-mighty undergraduate degree: our parents considered it the golden ticket to “finding a good job and having a good life”. Nowadays, it’s pretty much a golden shit ticket.

Nobody could blame them for championing that paradigm. Heck, even as you read what I am about to write, you might not believe me when I say I still want my future kids to have a college education.

I’m a recent graduate of UBC who is facing a lot of the same problems as many of my fellow graduates. Between student debts, moving back in with your parents, a putrid job market…I mean, I’ve always hated it when people say, “the struggle is real”, but damn, the struggle is really, reary (shoutout to Asian people), real.

The immortal question, “What should I do with my life?” was a question that for whatever reason a lot of people don’t address. This blog is a intended to be a funny, somewhat awkward journey of a post-grad who attempts to address these issues as well as provide commentary and insight so people can get a sense of what the average 22-26 year old experiences post-college.

To be perfectly clear, this blog will not be dark and negative. Not in the least. Instead, PGB intends to write articles actually attempting to be informative, funny, and/or true. I say “attempt” because honestly, at the time of conception, I’m on a flight my parents bought for me as a birthday present on the back of a nine-day bender. This blog could die within a month, or become the next CTL or BroBible. But the overwhelmingly likely outcome, and my genuine hope is that everyone can read something here. It will always try to be unbiased, never get political, and always be genuine.


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