Stop Being So Politically Correct

Well, I’m sorry, the world isn’t one big liberal arts college campus.” – Reality, Season 19, Episode 5 of South Park. 

Our society is too politically correct, and college campuses are the breeding ground for this culture. I propose that in 2016 everybody smarten up and get over it. Sure, that quote is from South Park (a silly cartoon that just basically makes fun of everyone), but look to President Obama if you want a more credible source that “millennials” are simply far too contentious.

Oh wait, did I offend anyone by saying millennials?

The sanctimonious attitude of this generation has led us to garbage like this. 2015 was the year that all of this finally manifested itself as a bevy of “shaming” campaigns, which essentially encourages anybody with a Twitter account to denigrate anybody who said something mildly offensive to: Muslims, people who aren’t skinny, African Americans, the LBGT community, people who like dogs, people who hate dogs, and the word politically correct.

The ethos of these campaigns is that some people feel offended by the way society treats or perceives them, so they’re going to bully other people via social media into not bullying them.

How categorically ludicrous is this? How impossibly hypocritical is it when you hear a “PC Principal” pretend to be a self-righteous bastion of free speech, then proceed to shame people for actually exercising that free speech?

When Obama said that our college students are “coddled and protected from different points of view”, he was referring to students at effing Princeton. What’s really buried beneath that layer of political doublespeak is that it’s completely inexplicable that students at Ivy league schools are such children. Seriously, you want to change the name of a building on your campus because it was named after a guy who made some racist comments a while ago?

Being too politically correct isn’t just a problem, it’s a disease. A virus that is viciously infecting college campuses everywhere. This phenomenon is dangerous because it’s killing your ability to think critically. Hey, who needs the Socratic method, right? His works were a cacophony of microaggressions anyway, bro. College students, you pay thousands of dollars a year for higher education. You didn’t pay that money to be fed some sausage-grinder paradigm that panders to the lowest common denominator (a.k.a anybody too scared to be offended by anything).

College campuses are rife with these mind-boggling examples of oversensitivity. People on some campuses are actually refusing to read “The Great Gatsby” because it promotes misogyny. Certain campuses have forbidden students to ask a minority student when they came to the country because that implies they’re not real citizens.

I’m pretty sure we’re at the point that when I go on my next date, I shouldn’t open the door for the girl because it implies she’s weak and inferior to me.

You know who I blame for this? Social media, and the morons who use it improperly. The plague was so devastating back in Medieval Europe because you had a perfect marriage of horrific sanitation and deeply interconnected cities that allowed the plague to spread. In 2015, we had a perfect marriage of internet soldiers with a God complex and the social media outlets to allow their idiotic, uninformed opinions to spread.

For example, every time there’s a high-profile gun violence case, my Facebook feed blows up with articles about how they didn’t charge the officer. And inevitably, people are outraged. As they should be when people are senselessly killed! Unfortunately, the problem we’re having is that people have sacrificed their objectivity in favor of social justification. It’s easy to comment, “OMG this is horrible, cops r racist, ruh ruh” and have hundreds of people like that comment. It’s harder to say, “You know what, the due process said they couldn’t charge him”, and have people immediately shame you for being a racist, gun-loving asshole.

In these particular cases, remember, you’re not a lawyer and you weren’t there. You have absolutely no right to be arrogant enough to distil down countless hours of courtroom work from judges, lawyers, bailiffs, and witnesses into your cute 140-letter feel-good of the day. It’s called due process, and it might be flawed, but we decided it was more civilized than ochlocracy a long, long time ago. If you still believe we should convict police officers or Bill Cosby based on your delicate sensibilities, then do the rest of us a favor and go back to the pre-Civil War era. Or the Stone Ages. You weren’t there and you didn’t hear all the evidence and facts…so shut the hell up. Certainly, an uninformed opinion concerning gun violence is of a different scale than microaggressions or safe spaces. But they are both symptoms of the same disease. The matriculation of college campuses into narcissistic playgrounds of simple-minded people unafraid to cope with reality is so deep and at the point of no return in a truly sad way.

If you find yourself angry or offended with this article or are arrogant enough to refuse to sit in a lecture hall because of something some dude said a century ago, wake the fuck up. The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. People are going to disagree with you and your opinions. It doesn’t make yours stupid, or theirs smart; it means you’re having an engaging conversation. You know, the foreign concept that iMessage replaced?

And when you disagree, don’t start a damn protest. Don’t be shocked that someone doesn’t share the same ideals as you, and don’t confuse the difference for disrespect. Don’t run to your safe space and cry about it. For the sanity and usability of our legal system, do not sue somebody because you want to whine to Judge Mommy about how somebody said something mean about you (spoiler alert: the amount of libel/slander lawsuits in the last year have tripled because people can’t be adults).

This exchanging of cultural differences is literally, on a social scale, the only thing that drives our evolution as a species. Every great accomplishment or moment in history happened because somebody manned up and confronted somebody with something they didn’t want to hear, and they responded. That person didn’t offended that they referred to it as “man up” rather than “woman up”.

Honestly, screw anybody who’s politically correct because you’re aggressively promoting the regression of the mind. This is ironically what racist and homophobic people were being accused of a while back and I used to think they were the worst human characteristics. Now, I get proven wrong every day because Facebook inundates me with people who are self-righteous, childish, and hypocritical.

Fuck you, PC culture. Fuck you for castrating the temporal lobe of the Twitter generation. Fuck you for being a far worse problem than you were trying to eradicate.

P.S. – Hey, alma mater. Yeah, UBC, that’s you. I’ve been to other university campuses. Your student body is without a doubt, the most coddled, PC campus in Canada. I’m calling you all out for being softer than a wet tissue.

P.P.S. – I wanted to write anything involving Donald Trump but that would’ve been too much.

P.P.P.S. – Tweet any hate mail to @PGBBlog. Tell me my opinions are stupid and offensive. Promise I won’t start a campaign against you.

P.P.P.P.S. – I’ll be at Tim Hortons getting a couple Boston Creams tomorrow at 10 a.m. if you want to get me fired from my job for pissing you off.



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